Friday, January 9, 2009


To God Almighty be the glory for the new year and many more to come, particulaly to our great community, Iyemero-Ekiti and to all the members of Iyemero Progressive Union. I salute every one especially the honourable president of the union for their love and committment to the progress and greatness of our dear community.

We also use this medium to contratulate His Royal Higness, the olu of Iyemeo-Ekiti for the new road and the bio-feul company that is coming to our dear village.

Congratulations to every sons and daughters of Iyemero Ekiti, we are proud to be associated with Iye-Mero Ekiti.

Big congratulation to the latest chief, chief Obaloun of Iyemero Ekiti. Oye amori ooo.

The IPU meeting held on the 4th of January 2009, where a lot of issues concerning the progress and well-being of our great community, the attendance cut accross all the zones and every one zone made their progressive contribution toward the town,particularly, the Lagos branch which donated a power generating set to the community.

The committee that was set up to see to peace and love among the people of the community and the Kabiyesi swung to action immediately.

Honourable Kehinde Ajayi who was recently elected as the councellor was also recognised at the meeting.

Chief Otunba of Iyemero, (Dayo Ogungbemi) was among the high chiefs in attendance.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I.P.U is an acronym for IYEMERO PROGRESSIVE UNION. This union have been in existence for about 6 decades and has become the determining factor, the mouth and the strenght of our dear community.
After a long time of sleep, the handlers or National executives have taken it upon themselves to resuscitate the organization this may be due to the fast decay and mismanagement that have charaterised the goings-on in our great cocmmunities in recent days.

i want to use this medium to congratulate the president, Mr Fatoyinbo L.I for his vision and doggedness to move the club to another level.

i also want use this medium to congratulate all the zones; Lagos, Ibadan, Ifo, Sango Ota, Ilorin and Iyemero Ekiti for their support for the entire executive member.

the meeting held in Lagos on the 20th of September (Saturday) at Ikotun Lagos hosted by pastor FALADE and Mr Ayeni was another level.

The biggest surprises are the attendace by our mentor DR. S. Ayeni and Mr J. Bolaji and an overwelming attendance by all the branches we say thank you to all and IYEMERO AGBE WA OO.

always check this website for update on I.P.U and iyemero Ekiti

I want to also use this medium to congratulate all the sons, daughters, visitors and residents of Iyemero Ekiti for the commissioning of the BIO-FUEL COMPANY located at Iyemero Ekiti by his Excellency The governor of Ekiti state. LONG LIVE IYEMERO! LONG LIVE EKITI STE! LONG LIVE NIGERIA.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

IYEMERO-EKITI..... My root, my pride

This is a story of one of the greatest war powers who fought in the EKITI- PARAPO war and produced one of the most powerful warlords in the famous war.

this city is presently located at the northern part of Ekiti state, precisely in Ikole local government area and with the largest mass of unused land and natural resources, it promises to be the future of Ekiti state in terms of resources and wealth generation.